Our Mission
LASR's primary mission is to assist refugees and immigrants throughout their various stages of integration in Louisiana and the United States society in general by providing access to resources and educational opportunities, thereby enabling refugees and immigrants to become self-reliant and consequently becoming long term contributors to the economic vitality of their various communities. LASRBR in addition aims at providing assistance for new arriving refugees as well as those already resettled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who are more vulnerable, including children, seniors, the disabled, and disaster victims. LASRBR in addition aims at promoting and preserving the diverse cultures and heritages of refugees and immigrants within the community by celebrating national events.
Who We Are
LASR was founded in May of 2011 as a non-profit and Community-based organization which offers much needed services to the immigrant and refugee communities in Louisiana. Our primary focus is to assist immigrants and refugees in becoming independent and self-supporting members of their new communities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Every year, LASR assists approximately 200 refugees and immigrant’s families of all ages, ethnic groups, faiths and backgrounds to find housing, learn English language, acclimate to American culture, develop computer and job readiness skills, secure employment, obtaining medical care, applications and preparations for citizenship, preparations for driving permit and behind the wheel tests. LASR programs are made possible through the dedicated efforts our Board and Executive members, many of whom were refugees themselves and approximately 100 volunteers from within the community.
Who We Serve
Immigrants and Refugees come to Louisiana from all parts of the world depending on the current political climate. During our more than 5-year history, LASR has worked with hundreds of refugees from every major crisis in history including people fleeing Syrian and Iraq’s killing fields, the genocide in South Sudan and Rwanda and other African countries. In 2016, LASR played a significant role in providing assistance to thousands of Americans displaced by one of the worst flooding in Louisiana history.